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More daylight

More well-being

More vitality

Espaciel makes your interior brighter - naturally

The Espaciel reflector improves the natural brightness of your home. Its highly reflective, swivelling surface redirects daylight towards the interior of your rooms..

Low-maintenance and unbreakable, the Espaciel reflector is designed for your comfort and well-being.

It works day in, day out, whatever the weather, and can be installed in under 5 minutes.

Effective, practical and elegant, the Espaciel light reflector needs no construction work to install.

It can be mounted flat in front of the window and is available in 3 different models depending on the surface on which it is mounted: balcony railing, exterior window sill, interior window ledge.

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Find out which Espaciel reflector is right for you

Sublimez votre intérieur avec la lumière naturelle !

Ne laissez pas la lumière naturelle passer devant vos fenêtres… Captez là !


Collectez la lumière du jour là où elle est la plus intense !


High reflection



Quick to install

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