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Espaciel More Natural Light
More natural light

Espaciel More Well-Being
More well-being

Espaciel More Vitality
More vitality

Espaciel makes your interior naturally lighter and brighter

The Espaciel Reflector is the only solution in the world capable of increasing the natural light in your gloomy rooms without any work. Its highly reflective and unbreakable surface amplifies the daylight entering through your windows. It can be fitted in front of your windows or French windows in just minutes and works every day, even when it’s raining..

Espaciel Window Reflector

Window Reflector

Don’t let the natural light slip past your windows… Grab it!


169,00 € $199.00 HT £ 149.00 TTC $249.00 HT CHF 179.00 HT


Espaciel Balcony Reflector

Balcony Reflector

Gather the natural light from your own balcony railing!


169,00 € $199.00 HT £ 149.00 TTC $249.00 HT CHF 179.00 HT


Espaciel Garden Reflector

Garden Reflector

Draw more natural light into your home with your Garden Reflector!


269,00 € $319.00 HT £ 239.00 TTC $399.00 HT CHF 289.00 HT


The media are talking about it!

Espaciel Television
Espaciel Media

The Before/After effect on video